you're crashing, but you're no wave

angriest-boy said: Oooh do Deana

Hair game on point 100% of the time, rocks the flannel and is overall one of the nicest people I know 10/10

Anonymous said: Taylor

Yeah another girl obsessed with horses from my 5th grade class weird

Anonymous said: Courtney

The bae. Loves: touching my hair and watching supernatural with me. Hates: my sex noises

troylerandphan5ever said: Grace/Gracie

The one and only queen helbig

Anonymous said: Ricky


Anonymous said: Zorzy

Nice nice


Citizen // The Night I Drove Alone


Citizen // The Night I Drove Alone


Would you say that we’re making MIMOSt of the situation?

Anonymous said: Tessa

yeah like 92043685 snobby girls at my dutch school 

its-harto said: Lana :)

dont know anyone but thats a really pretty name, ive always loved it 

Anonymous said: Bailey

swikes babygirl. meeting her at playlist but i dont think im worthy

greenfirex said: Vanessa

vanessa hudgens and i share a birthday so 

Anonymous said: Chloe, julia, or steph

chloe- lmao annoying 7th grader who had a huge crush on the guy who had a huge crush on me. i think theyre dating now idk 

julia- a girl in my class in holland who passed out during a movie

steph- nope sorryyyy


jerry accidentally walked into someone elses interview so he backtracked and pulled out his phone and just scrolled through it in the middle of the red carpet