you're crashing, but you're no wave

This blog has brought me a lot of good things, like all of you, but also some really shitty things that have caused my life to turn for the worse. I’m contemplating deleting this blog because fuck everything.


A little too much #HeyUSA-ing this weekend.


A little too much #HeyUSA-ing this weekend.


117,248 plays


 Fall Out Boy accepting the Skully award for Artist of the Year


The lack of tattoos on my body is highly upsetting.

People who hold on to things for too long piss me off. GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE. Then you try to play it off by being like “yeah lol she’s such a bitch haha amirite” while still tagging me in “cute” stuff and being all sad oh boohoo. Grow up. Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said: my brother looked over at my phone while i was scrolling though tumblr and your bikini picture came up and he was like "IS THAT A NAKED GIRL??" and I was like "She's not naked! She has a bikini on. I swear she's not naked." and then my mom was like "No looking at naked girls on your phone while we're eating.." and i had to keep confirming that you weren't naked and that i'm *not gay* (super duper closeted)

Aw aw I’m partly sorry but also partly not


whitegirl-101 said: haha I got third degree sunburn last year it doesn't go away for like years

Fuck my entire life rn

Anonymous said: I'm a girl but I'm bi and currently dating a guy but I'm a top oops

You do you girl

Anonymous said: I always thought I was a bottom but when i came to actually do the frick fracking I turned out to be a top? how do I live my life now?

It happens to the best of us

comedium said: can we actually be friends or is this not working out


Anonymous said: you 🐗 me🌺 me


Anonymous said: I just came back from Spain today and I've got fucking sunburn on my shoulders. Where did you go?

I’m currently on long beach island

Anonymous said: How are you? :)

Other than this pain in the ass sunburn I’m alright, yourself?